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About us

In 2012, Kotflex, a company dynamically operating for 6 years, decides to built a light and heavy truck service centre. After creating the project, the construction works commenced, and finally, on 1 July 2015, the centre was put into use.

Multikomplex Truck Center is currently the most modern facility of this kind in Poland offering all possible services concerning light and heavy trucks.

Its offer includes:

  • motor vehicle diagnostic station,
  • car wash,
  • tank trucks wash station (tank trucks for foodstuff and for chemicals),
  • hydraulic hose crimping,
  • tyres selling, re-fitting and repairing,
  • mechanical service.

The Customer Service Centre offers the drivers: satellite television, wi-fi, showers, coffee, free guarded car park, video view of the performed service, as well as competent and customer friendly assistance.

We cordially invite you to visit us!

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